Advertising & Graphics

Our advertising and creative division consists of a team that’s ready to churn out novel communication strategies and original design themes that go beyond the conventional and ordinary landscape. Our team takes a creative and effective angle into building a distinguishing brand image and persona.

Brand identity

Business is good when people know who you are. We work closely with our clients to know them inside out. We take them as our own and that’s how we’re able to help create lasting identities through understanding, compassion and of course a touch of our secret ingredient.

Content Writing

Words have a power of influence that runs deeper than any other mode of communication. Our content writers communicate in however tone of voice your business opts for; business, conversational, corporate, friendly or make-the-sale.


Our division responsible for handling corporate launches stay true to the essence of your brand’s persona. Everything from Public relations planning, execution and followup is taken care of.


We have a team of professional animators that are recruited when we are in need of adding flair to our visual projects. From 3d, 2d to kinetic text, we have every tool to cater to your demands.


What social media platform will yield the best result for you? Leave that to our digital gurus who turn companies into talking brands that captivate through our distinctive graphic designing, content, and viral videos. We take what you want to say and turn it into a language your audience speaks.

Graphic Designing

The ONM Graphics team is a colorful group of highly experienced artists trained to put the extra into extraordinary. Their extensive portfolio of executing some of our proudest projects and brand recreations makes them an increasingly valuable asset to our ONM family. We involve our graphics team from the very beginning of our ideation meetings to make them immerse themselves in the brand’s story and our strategic footsteps, after which, they take their turn to create memorable, ground breaking visual magic.

BTL Activations

There are plenty of ways a brand can interact with their audience. Various scenarios and circumstances call for different tactics that engages the right sensory aspects and emotions. Our BTL activations team meet your audience where they are. We bring the beauty of your product or service and give it an action, a sound, and most importantly an experience that allows your audience to engage in it uniquely.

ATL and Ideation

It all starts with an idea. Our idea miners boast an extensive experience of creating original and inspiring ideas that transforms a brand’s image, or rather give it life. Anything from corporate identities, brand profiles or product names, our miners at ONM knows the difference between good and great.